The "every day" view.


Recent Activity
- I have graduated the NYU GameCenter with an MFA in Game Design. Wooooo. Go me. My MFA thesis is viewable here.
- On March 14th, Sam, Christian, and I released our indie shmup fighting game, Apotheosis for pay what you want. Check it out!
- Planet Protection Force is now available for download here!

Notice Board
- Check out my blog to see my current summer games backlog.
- Please don't forget to check out my free downloads for the Stuff About Type typography primer (short PDF for design beginners on type) and my first web icon set
- Now that this site is up to date, my readers can look forward to more regular updates on the The Neverland Redux web blog.
- Some of the music compositions that I did for Apotheosis & Planet Protection Force Ultra are available on soundcloud.